The Island

The Island

A shipwreck led me to this deserted island
The travelers-
Well, they all found a way out
But I’m still here
And I’ve been here for more than 462 sunsets-
It’s a shame I only see the sunsets

The thing about loneliness is that
It’s not about how many hearts surround you
But rather having a single heart beat for you
Now that’s enough
It’s enough to get me off this island

I need another’s heart
Another’s arms
Another’s eyes and lips
And touch

Just one touch
And I’ll leave this island behind

Published by Nour Al-Hajj

I’m 25, and I live in Lebanon. I’m an Interior Architect graduate with a minor in English. My hair is always a different color. I love cheese with some extra cheese. The gym is my natural habitat, and my car hosts the best concerts you'll ever attend. I love writing poetry, thoughts, and stories. My inspiration comes from my childhood memories, heartbreaks, and sometimes I like to imagine certain scenarios that are completely fictional or write a different ending to something that happened with me. It's like wishful thinking...

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