Black Ink

Black Ink

Take a step into the emptiness
The void and the white landscape
Don’t bother to look around
You’ll find nothing-
There’s no escape

It’s okay if the darkness follows-
The darkness you carry around
Along with your sorrows
To which you are bound

It’s okay…

Your black will become my ink
I’ll transform it into words-
They’ll be so distinct
That no harshness
Could ever make them cold

Don’t worry…

I’ll drain your darkness into my pages
The shades of warmth will reach a masterpiece
That will last throughout the ages
The sun will be pleased-
It will search new faces
To find a darkened soul
And rescue it from its cages

It’s over now…
Your darkness is my words
It’s permanent-
The black ink on the white pages
It won’t fade

I am the darkness
The black ink
The permanence
I won’t fade
I promise…

Published by Nour Al-Hajj

I’m 25, and I live in Lebanon. I’m an Interior Architect graduate with a minor in English. My hair is always a different color. I love cheese with some extra cheese. The gym is my natural habitat, and my car hosts the best concerts you'll ever attend. I love writing poetry, thoughts, and stories. My inspiration comes from my childhood memories, heartbreaks, and sometimes I like to imagine certain scenarios that are completely fictional or write a different ending to something that happened with me. It's like wishful thinking...

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