The Aftermath

The Aftermath

As human beings, we enjoy the near-death experiences. We enjoy staring death in the eye. It gives us a rush, a high, a feeling of invincibility.

We enjoy jumping from a plane. We enjoy the air slamming in our face, but we have a parachute. We can stop death. We can enjoy the feeling of free falling and letting go, but, right before our feet touch the earth, we slow down. We stop and float down gently. We don’t want to die. We just want to experience those moments before death occurs. We want to experience the adrenaline in our veins taking over our entire being. For once in our lives, we want to feel invincible because, really, we enjoy being vulnerable sometimes. We fall in love and expose ourselves. We either survive it or find ourselves on the path of self-destruction.

Like I said, we enjoy the moments before death. Yes, we enjoy love.

But, the aftermath… Well, we never consider it, and we don’t even have a parachute to stop it…

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