Young Blood

Young Blood

Thrown behind the bars
Trapped, my body is physically frozen
Like a volcano
I’ll erupt, with words that can’t go unspoken

Yes, I am young

A reckless tornado
Headed towards your castle
After you’ve sentenced me to
A one-sided losing battle
I’ll sentence you
To a hell of my own

Yes, I am young

A beating heart
Beating down your door
Screaming for the deaf ears to start
Listening to my resilient pulse for
I am asking for justice
Nothing less, nothing more

Yes, I am young

A young blood
Filled with gold
Overflowing with life
Flowing from my broken soul
I know, I’m better off broken
Than being whole

Yes, I am young

A lightning strike
Lighting the darkest storm
I am more than just a megabyte
On your lifeless platform
Because with words I can rewrite
The past, and a present I can reform

Yes, I am young

A crashing wave
Against your deserted shore
Drowning death in a grave
As my blood seeps into your empty core
To fill it with hope and save
A long lost soul…

They call us broken
In need of mending
But they don’t know…

We are pieces of resurrected love
Crumbs of broken hearts
Stoking the fire
Of young blood

And the scars inked on our skin
The ashes of pain
Pulsate with a fire raging from within…

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