Back in the Day

Back in the Day

Back in the day
Love used to be so simple
Scribbles and names across the pages

Back in the day
Hate used to be so simple
One word and a smile on our faces

Back in the day
Tree branches were the only thing we broke
Innocent lies were the only thing we told

Back in the day
Tag was a game we played
One touch into an honest chase

My favorite cup
Your favorite juice
My mom’s makeup
And your dad’s shoes

I want to go back to these days
I want to take you with me
I’ll show you the innocent love
And everything we could be

Published by Nour Al-Hajj

I’m 25, and I live in Lebanon. I’m an Interior Architect graduate with a minor in English. My hair is always a different color. I love cheese with some extra cheese. The gym is my natural habitat, and my car hosts the best concerts you'll ever attend. I love writing poetry, thoughts, and stories. My inspiration comes from my childhood memories, heartbreaks, and sometimes I like to imagine certain scenarios that are completely fictional or write a different ending to something that happened with me. It's like wishful thinking...

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