Tender Love

Tender Love

Sinful thoughts rise when his eyes lock with mine
I crave a touch from his coarse skin against
A thin shell of chastity so divine
And in this abstinence, my heart’s estranged
A luring wave resonates, calling me
It’s been so long since I’ve last heard my name
Flowing from sly lips towards my dead sea
While drowning in the deluge of his game
But before I suffocated, he stopped
Pleased with himself, he gave me an arch smile
My wanton contingence for him was topped
With hatred because I fell for his guile
He pulled me closer to give me a peck
But instead, I smiled and then broke his neck

Published by Nour Al-Hajj

I’m 25, and I live in Lebanon. I’m an Interior Architect graduate with a minor in English. My hair is always a different color. I love cheese with some extra cheese. The gym is my natural habitat, and my car hosts the best concerts you'll ever attend. I love writing poetry, thoughts, and stories. My inspiration comes from my childhood memories, heartbreaks, and sometimes I like to imagine certain scenarios that are completely fictional or write a different ending to something that happened with me. It's like wishful thinking...

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