I Sinned

I Sinned

Breathe against my skin
As it cracks from the warmth
Red crystals shimmer on your chin
Traces of my heart
Broken from those wicked lips

A trade of the heart
Creates illusions
Of you and me
A fresh start

And so I want you
On top of me
Inside my being
Encircling me with your lies

Nothing matters
I’m weak with wanton
My heart a wild child
Recklessly chasing love

I strip down
As my soul strips naked
Your hand soothes my chest
Before you crack it open
I let my wanton takeover
As I let your hands break every rib

I let the illusions fill my head
To forget the pain
And I wait as you reach down
I wait for you to claim me

I’m on the verge of explosion
This is wrong
This is so sinfully sweet

His fingers dig into my waist
And he thrusts into me
I release my frustration
I surrender myself to him
As he carries me to a bittersweet climax

I sinned…
I sinned in the most beautiful way

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