The Darkness You’re In

The Darkness You're In

You know the light at the end of the tunnel… you know that shit everyone keeps promising? No, I won’t promise you that. I can hold your hand, that’s easy. I can wrap myself around you as we twirl into a never-ending black hole… I’m willing to do that. I can’t promise you happiness unless I’m the happiness you need.

If you find yourself skinned to the bone, scraping your knees against the floor, I’ll take my flesh off and wrap it around you…

We might never get out of this tunnel, or we might stumble onto a dead-end. But in those dark corners, I’ll build us a room big enough to fit our intertwined bodies.

I’ll drain myself to the core and free my soul. I will break every essence of its existence and transform it into stardust. I’ll find a way to form a star out of my dust and light up your world.

I can’t promise you happiness… but I can break in order to become your light.

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