I’ll Be Waiting

I_ll Be Waiting

I like to think that

He’s out there
Looking for me

Maybe he is

Searching the world
For me
To find love
That unites us

I will wait

He will come
I know it
One day
He’ll find me

My Utopia


I live in my Utopia
I walk under an arch
Something you built years ago

I catch a hint of your scent
Every time I move
I guess that’s why I come here
Even after you’re gone

You’re a winged angel
One day,
You’ll descend to the earth
You’ll wrap me with your feathers
And we’ll both take off into the unknown
Away from this unknown you left me in…



And the more I look

The more I fall
Deeper in love
With Him…

He talks, not to me

But I just listen
As if I could sleep
While his voice caresses my ear

He leaves the room

And the warmth leaves too
Following Him
Leaving me

I close my eyes

Only Him
As if he’s still here
With me