Our Words

Our Words

They’ll see us marching
In one line
Hand in hand, demanding
Freedom and peace, they shan’t decline

Yes. I’m demanding
A human, I was born
Look at me, condescending
And I will seize your throne

On your knees, you say
Shoot me if you dare
Point your cowardly tool to my face
And I’ll give you a fiery grimace

Our words, they move mountains
They shatter steel armor and tanks
Our tears, they cry for the lifeless
Revive their souls and perhaps the humankind

Oh the calamity we have witnessed!
Things you cannot disguise
Oh what a sadness, what a demise

I scream
I scream enough to make those bullets burst
The ones you launch at me, out of bloodthirst
But a little girl in a skirt
Cries from fear, it hurts

Shut us up, you shall try
Look into our eyes, they’re dry
Watch us now
Now we fight back
Trust me, it’s a vow

We shall bring you to your knees
You’ll be begging for our silence
Don’t kill us, you beseech
Alas, you think we’re without kindness

We are not murderers
We are people of words
We are not dictators
We are free as birds

Remember those words
Remember them well
Write them in your records
We are the ones you shall not quell

So Many Questions

So Many Questions

And why, is the question I keep asking
The murders, the hunger, and the coffins
A child calls out for a mother
Once, twice, but no answer
She’s gone, I’m afraid to tell him
Afraid of the blame, not his innocence

So many questions I have to ask
Why did it have to be ashes and blood?
Why not a word of kindness?
The child calls out again
I reach out to hold his hand
He looks up at the sky and
I try to make him understand

Behind his watery eyes
Hope still ignites
Bright as a star
Alas, it had to be a fading light

So many questions I have to ask
Are we humans or not?
Aren’t we all made of flesh and blood?
The child yells, “Mother!”
And runs without a mutter
Without a doubt…

A voice calls back to him
The kindness in which is unmistakable
I turn around and
My eyes discover the unpredictable
A mother calling for her child
Running through the ashes
Like a lion in the wild

Silently, a man walks amongst the debris
Breathing death into the air
And hides behind a tree
I scream, “No!”
And run towards the mother and her child

I hear the sound of death flow
I close my eyes and anticipate the pain
A cry rises from behind me, claiming bane

The mother’s silent
The child’s quiet
Death claimed me a while ago
I didn’t even notice
And then,

So many questions I have to ask
Will it ever end?
How far will they go?
And to what extent?
Do they want to make this world a torment?
Or do they want us to submit and give our consent?

I Sinned

I Sinned

Breathe against my skin
As it cracks from the warmth
Red crystals shimmer on your chin
Traces of my heart
Broken from those wicked lips

A trade of the heart
Creates illusions
Of you and me
A fresh start

And so I want you
On top of me
Inside my being
Encircling me with your lies

Nothing matters
I’m weak with wanton
My heart a wild child
Recklessly chasing love

I strip down
As my soul strips naked
Your hand soothes my chest
Before you crack it open
I let my wanton takeover
As I let your hands break every rib

I let the illusions fill my head
To forget the pain
And I wait as you reach down
I wait for you to claim me

I’m on the verge of explosion
This is wrong
This is so sinfully sweet

His fingers dig into my waist
And he thrusts into me
I release my frustration
I surrender myself to him
As he carries me to a bittersweet climax

I sinned…
I sinned in the most beautiful way

Alternate Universe

Alternate Universe

Constellation of love
With nothing but lost stars
Their light no longer shining
After drowning in a black hole

It is the unknown
The place of questioning
Where everything dies
And an alternate universe flourishes

I’m reborn into this universe
It’s scary to some, and to me as well
I’m facing a new reality
It’s unnerving, but beautiful down to the core

Just like our solar system
With the sun shining bright
I drift towards the core
As pieces of me melt away

I’m naked
A clean slate
Bruised and wounded
As flickers of stardust glimmer

The stars escaped
My cells regenerate
No longer wandering
No longer lost

I drift towards the core
Out of a black hole
And into the sun
As I slowly let go…