So Many Questions

So Many Questions

And why, is the question I keep asking
The murders, the hunger, and the coffins
A child calls out for a mother
Once, twice, but no answer
She’s gone, I’m afraid to tell him
Afraid of the blame, not his innocence

So many questions I have to ask
Why did it have to be ashes and blood?
Why not a word of kindness?
The child calls out again
I reach out to hold his hand
He looks up at the sky and
I try to make him understand

Behind his watery eyes
Hope still ignites
Bright as a star
Alas, it had to be a fading light

So many questions I have to ask
Are we humans or not?
Aren’t we all made of flesh and blood?
The child yells, “Mother!”
And runs without a mutter
Without a doubt…

A voice calls back to him
The kindness in which is unmistakable
I turn around and
My eyes discover the unpredictable
A mother calling for her child
Running through the ashes
Like a lion in the wild

Silently, a man walks amongst the debris
Breathing death into the air
And hides behind a tree
I scream, “No!”
And run towards the mother and her child

I hear the sound of death flow
I close my eyes and anticipate the pain
A cry rises from behind me, claiming bane

The mother’s silent
The child’s quiet
Death claimed me a while ago
I didn’t even notice
And then,

So many questions I have to ask
Will it ever end?
How far will they go?
And to what extent?
Do they want to make this world a torment?
Or do they want us to submit and give our consent?

My Legacy

My Legacy

Been alive for twenty years now
Never once have I stopped hoping
Almost drained, I took a vow
Never give up on a life worth saving

I took it upon myself to be a warrior
With a sword, an armor, and a prophecy
“One day, a girl will become the savior,
For she will slay the dragon, and fulfill her legacy.”

A large shadow falls upon me
As I climb the highest of hills, searching
For the dragon that has become my enemy
Only to find it swallowing the sun, waiting

Death flashes in its eyes
As it descends towards its prey
I shout, a battle cry
And raise my sword towards the fray

I fight for all the scars-
The ones inked on my skin
I fight for all the stars-
The ones shining from within

It was the day I won
Not just a battle, but the war
But the light left the sun
As blood poured from the skies
Still warm…



Death. It seems so final, doesn’t it?

People used to ask me, “Doesn’t death frighten you?”

My answer had always been, “No.”

And I believed it. I truly did. The “why” part is something I was sure about as well. I was excited to see what’s on the other side where, I believed, there should be a beautiful world. I was excited to meet my Maker. I was excited to be at peace.

But, now, when I think about it, I start doubting my confidence.

Death means people will decide to let go at some point. They’ll let you go. They’ll try so hard to forget you because you have become a painful memory to them. You will become pain itself for those who love you.

Death means all that’s left of you is a fading memory. Is that what I want to leave behind? A memory? A memory that will disappear in few months? Years? Even years aren’t enough for me. What am I leaving behind?

Death means my ending. A few decades later, it’s like I’ve never existed. My name is something they’ll never know. And my value? What value? I’ll become nothingness.

Don’t I deserve to be remembered? Don’t I deserve better than a fading memory? Better than nothingness?

After everything I went through and everything I faced, don’t I deserve more?

I spent my whole life trying to become something and someone that matters.

Why is death allowed to take that away from me?

Why is death so final?

Why can’t we fight it and, for once, win?