I’ll inscribe myself upon you skintight
Like a meteor crashing against the moon
Whether it’s wrong, whether it’s right
I might never know…

A constellation circulating a black hole
I found my stars flickering slightly
To distance myself and to distance my soul
Was the hardest part…

Trapped in a space warp, I saw a new galaxy
Rewired myself, reprogrammed my beliefs
As a rebirth of my soul filled the vacancy
I saw a potential within me…

I drift further towards the blurred boundaries
As stardust wraps itself around me
Love flourishes against my exposed fragilities
And fills them with beauty…

I’m grateful for that fate
Along which I’ve found my Shams
Soaring towards an open gate
I feel an ethereal energy liberating me…



(an immortalization of a beautiful connection)

What if I told you
Great things are awaiting
Beyond the hardships
There’s a future you’re shaping

But what if I didn’t
What if I reminded you
Things were once fucked-up
But you pushed through

I’ve seen the magic
All that you hold, a beauty inside
My moonchild you’re a raging wave
Of love and strength, high-tide

Remember our lesser selves
The ones we left behind
Take a look at yourself
At your majestic new mind

Marvel at the universe
Your loyal guardian angel
Waiting for you to jump
And leap into the danger

Because there’s no gravity here
Nothing to hold you down
With every leap, you’ll soar higher
And forget all the letdowns

You’re almost there
Soon enough you’ll reach it
The oasis you’ve been searching for
I swear it’ll be worth every bit

Black Ink

Black Ink

Take a step into the emptiness
The void and the white landscape
Don’t bother to look around
You’ll find nothing-
There’s no escape

It’s okay if the darkness follows-
The darkness you carry around
Along with your sorrows
To which you are bound

It’s okay…

Your black will become my ink
I’ll transform it into words-
They’ll be so distinct
That no harshness
Could ever make them cold

Don’t worry…

I’ll drain your darkness into my pages
The shades of warmth will reach a masterpiece
That will last throughout the ages
The sun will be pleased-
It will search new faces
To find a darkened soul
And rescue it from its cages

It’s over now…
Your darkness is my words
It’s permanent-
The black ink on the white pages
It won’t fade

I am the darkness
The black ink
The permanence
I won’t fade
I promise…