We’re fragile…
We all are
One touch by the right person
And we either crumble
Or stand tall

We’re vulnerable…
Well, some of us are
One word can break us
It can send us crashing
Against a cement barrier
Or it can rebuild our broken pieces

We’re desperate…
Well, I know I am
For that someone
That beautiful being
That will make
Or break me…

You’re Mine

You're Mine

The breath of a skin against mine
Stole any control I had left
Over the cells that demanded him

I never knew the shivers a touch releases
Against my layer of senses
Or the ache for more and never having enough

I wanted to bury myself against his chest
Wrap myself around him
As if he’ll disappear at any second

I lay there
My fingers tracing stars
Along the tiny hairs of his chest

I look at his being
The skin that ignites under my touch
The eyes in which I saw constellations
And the mouth that drowned me so many times

“You’re mine,” I whisper in his ear
He smiles and grabs my waist
To claim me again and again…

A Thief


A piece of cracked paint untangles itself
Drops slowly and lands next to me
Mocking me, showing me its strength
“I freed myself.”

I craved the day I’d be able to say these words
But I craved him even more
I’m as helpless as a flower waiting for the sun
It’s only chance at life

I was a thief, an invader
Trying to settle on a land that wasn’t mine
And I kept fighting an unknown occupant
But I fought against myself the most

But why should I think about it?
Why can’t I just cave against him?

I wrapped myself around him
As if he’ll disappear at any second
Thinking I can keep him
Make him mine

I was a thief
That’s all I was
But so was he

He took me away from my known
Into an evitable unknown
Treading on lust and desire
Craving something new, something more

I took his hand as he led the way
Adapting to the cosmic explosions on my skin
The shivers it sent through every cell of my body
And the trespassers moving along my nerves

I forgot about the open gates
The ones I left unguarded
He walked in and locked them behind
Settled in me as if he belonged

I became his
In every way possible
He owned me
Took possession of my entire being
Without permission
Without my consent

He stole me
He robbed me of everything
And I didn’t object
Because he kept my everything safe
Or so I thought…