The Love I Can’t Give

The Love I Can_t Give

I know…
The love I hold for you
Is more than she could ever give

How unfair is this world?
I can’t give it to you
The love-
The overwhelming feeling
That we are star-crossed
But these stars, they’re at fault

Is it that hard?
Is it that hard to love me?
I break
I crumble
I crash
Then I glue myself back together
Clinging to a small hope
Trying to believe…

Perhaps I can be loved
Maybe he will love me
And I will not have to break anymore

The Island

The Island

A shipwreck led me to this deserted island
The travelers-
Well, they all found a way out
But I’m still here
And I’ve been here for more than 462 sunsets-
It’s a shame I only see the sunsets

The thing about loneliness is that
It’s not about how many hearts surround you
But rather having a single heart beat for you
Now that’s enough
It’s enough to get me off this island

I need another’s heart
Another’s arms
Another’s eyes and lips
And touch

Just one touch
And I’ll leave this island behind

My Utopia


I live in my Utopia
I walk under an arch
Something you built years ago

I catch a hint of your scent
Every time I move
I guess that’s why I come here
Even after you’re gone

You’re a winged angel
One day,
You’ll descend to the earth
You’ll wrap me with your feathers
And we’ll both take off into the unknown
Away from this unknown you left me in…