Black Ink

Black Ink

Take a step into the emptiness
The void and the white landscape
Don’t bother to look around
You’ll find nothing-
There’s no escape

It’s okay if the darkness follows-
The darkness you carry around
Along with your sorrows
To which you are bound

It’s okay…

Your black will become my ink
I’ll transform it into words-
They’ll be so distinct
That no harshness
Could ever make them cold

Don’t worry…

I’ll drain your darkness into my pages
The shades of warmth will reach a masterpiece
That will last throughout the ages
The sun will be pleased-
It will search new faces
To find a darkened soul
And rescue it from its cages

It’s over now…
Your darkness is my words
It’s permanent-
The black ink on the white pages
It won’t fade

I am the darkness
The black ink
The permanence
I won’t fade
I promise…

Thoughts of a Hopeless Romantic

Thoughts of a Hopeless Romantic

If only I could drain every thought of you through words…
I would write a script that can cover the entire seas
I have to…
I have to drain you from my head because-
God, you have no idea what you’re doing to me…
You drained me-
You drained my emotions and my soul
And every bit of a heart that I thought could be kept in store
For the lover yet to come…
I was wrong
I’m terrified it might be too late
I think you drained the last bit of my heart
And left me here to ache…

The Love Before

The Love Before

Once they were many
Now they are few
After some of them left
All they left is two-

Two souls an inch apart
Circling the drain
With shredding hearts
Trying to find salvation
Trying to save the love
A rarity they once had

Had they known it would be that hard
For a soul to lose a part
And the heart to live in the dark
They would’ve gone back to the start
Before the love and the names on the tree bark
Before the hate and the glass shards

He looks at her, in regret
She looks at him, in pain
He tries to accept
What she couldn’t explain

They want it back
The love before the words
The love that started with eyes
The love that started with notes…