Stardust and constellations

It’s where I found myself

In a place of darkness

With the occasional specks of light


No gravity to hold me

And no path to follow

I stumbled blindly

Across planets of sorrow


My scarred surface

And my hardened core

Crashed against a sphere

A failed star floating alone


Loneliest of all planets

Drifting with no orbit

Its light was extinguished

By a meteor that abandoned it


Its magnetosphere held me captive

Pushing me against the craters

I was tethered like a hostage

To a sphere of dreadful silence


An escape was tempting

To reclaim my freedom

But I stayed hoping

Perhaps I’ll be its hero

Alternate Universe

Alternate Universe

Constellation of love
With nothing but lost stars
Their light no longer shining
After drowning in a black hole

It is the unknown
The place of questioning
Where everything dies
And an alternate universe flourishes

I’m reborn into this universe
It’s scary to some, and to me as well
I’m facing a new reality
It’s unnerving, but beautiful down to the core

Just like our solar system
With the sun shining bright
I drift towards the core
As pieces of me melt away

I’m naked
A clean slate
Bruised and wounded
As flickers of stardust glimmer

The stars escaped
My cells regenerate
No longer wandering
No longer lost

I drift towards the core
Out of a black hole
And into the sun
As I slowly let go…