A Tale of a Boy

A Tale of a Boy

Gather around people
And listen to what I have to say
It’s a tale of a boy
Who went astray

Day one, he was okay
Living with his family
Until one day
They were shot insensibly
And died while he begged them to stay
His life became a tragedy
And his soul turned grey

Day two, he ran away
To another place
To find his way
And start a new phase
Somewhere far away

Day three, he became a prey
To the strangers he met
Along the way
They grabbed him by the neck
And his skin, they tried to flay

Day four, he faced a fray
He tried to flee
But he had to obey
Those who ignored a plea
From a boy, from a stray

Day five, it was the day
The boy escaped
From the hate and the dismay
“Leave me be,” he said
“I need to find my way.”

Day six, his heart started to decay
He cried, for all he wanted
Was to buy a bouquet
For his loved ones, the dead
And find a way
To place it on their soil-bed
Before he slipped away

Day seven, the final day
He was filled with dread
And started to pray
To be killed, to join the dead
Because for him, it was the only way
To return home to his mother’s gingerbread
And make the nightmares go away

So Many Questions

So Many Questions

And why, is the question I keep asking
The murders, the hunger, and the coffins
A child calls out for a mother
Once, twice, but no answer
She’s gone, I’m afraid to tell him
Afraid of the blame, not his innocence

So many questions I have to ask
Why did it have to be ashes and blood?
Why not a word of kindness?
The child calls out again
I reach out to hold his hand
He looks up at the sky and
I try to make him understand

Behind his watery eyes
Hope still ignites
Bright as a star
Alas, it had to be a fading light

So many questions I have to ask
Are we humans or not?
Aren’t we all made of flesh and blood?
The child yells, “Mother!”
And runs without a mutter
Without a doubt…

A voice calls back to him
The kindness in which is unmistakable
I turn around and
My eyes discover the unpredictable
A mother calling for her child
Running through the ashes
Like a lion in the wild

Silently, a man walks amongst the debris
Breathing death into the air
And hides behind a tree
I scream, “No!”
And run towards the mother and her child

I hear the sound of death flow
I close my eyes and anticipate the pain
A cry rises from behind me, claiming bane

The mother’s silent
The child’s quiet
Death claimed me a while ago
I didn’t even notice
And then,

So many questions I have to ask
Will it ever end?
How far will they go?
And to what extent?
Do they want to make this world a torment?
Or do they want us to submit and give our consent?