I crave the satiation

Of a wave so beautiful
Resonating against my ear
The notes he play
The strings he strike
Can bring me to my knees…

I need, with desperation,

A force so unbearable
To shatter me against
The stardust of his soul
Until I melt into one
A planet of raging storms

I melt into his darkness

The infinite space
The sun in the core
The life of my soul

He’ll strike me with meteors

Until I turn into a moon
I’ll orbit his space
And shine with my wounds

Back in the Day

Back in the day
Love used to be so simple
Scribbles and names across the pages

Back in the day
Hate used to be so simple
One word and a smile on our faces

Back in the day
Tree branches were the only thing we broke
Innocent lies were the only thing we told

Back in the day
Tag was a game we played
One touch into an honest chase

My favorite cup
Your favorite juice
My mom’s makeup
And your dad’s shoes

I want to go back to these days
I want to take you with me
I’ll show you the innocent love
And everything we could be


Your proximity weakens me
But so does your absence
My lips are tender
Still marked by your kiss

Write love on my heart
Ink me with your skin
Embrace me softly
As the twilight embraces the sky
Because I’m an ashen heart
Incapable of handling a strong blow

Make me shiver
As your lips graze my neck
Sink your teeth in my skin
And expose the layers of anguish
For your touch
And tenderness

Yes, I’m desperate for you
For your eyes to land on me
To make me feel beautiful

So look at me
And revive my ashes
Resurrect some love into my broken heart
I promise, I’ll give some back…